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The Buzz About GATA UNBOUND Volume 2

The Buzz About GATA UNBOUND Volume 2


"Welcome to the world that cat lovers have always known existed: the world in which our feline friends set the terms of their own communities, and have their own cell phones, meditation practices, and favorite Wordsworth poems. With this newest edition of the Gata Unbound series, readers get a new glimpse into the life of Klein, the ear-battled calico — as well as tips on making the perfect baklava. To say that it’s a delightfully sweet story would be to make a pun that’s a little too on the (cat) nose, but it’s also very true. Kids and cat-appreciating adults alike will love this story."

— Catherine Connors, CEO League of Badass Women, Author of Her Bad Mother blog

"During my many years as a school and a public librarian, I saw children gravitate toward books about animals over and over. They love to read about creatures who model friendship, loyalty and bravery. The Gata Unbound series does just that. I believe children will love to read and listen to these stories of cats who could curl up and hear a young one’s innermost secrets, as a best friend would.

If you are lucky, you have met Gata (a.k.a. Eccentric Lady) and the community cats, Klein and Archimedes in the first two stories of Gata Unbound. In the upcoming new volume, readers virtually meet Gata’s cat-loving mother who resides in Santorini, Greece. Two new cat pals are introduced as well. Santo and his sister, Rini, are big fans of Mexican freestyle wrestling (yes!) and have survived the unthinkable fate of a tough loss and a scary street life. When their luck changes, they, in turn, vow to meet the challenge of rescuing the 'outside cats.'

Gata’s passions and talents blossom in this volume as an immigrant to the U.S. She excels with her baking endeavors and embraces her inherited, though rejected, fondness for cats. Gata casts her frustration in Klein's direction, as he meditates in her backyard daffodil haven, only to immediately regret her insensitivities. Enter Santo and Rini. Little do we know what fate has in store for us, until we reach out to others and embrace compassion, as Klein’s mother would say, 'the superpower.'

With brushstrokes of respect, resilience and hope, the Gata Unbound team further establishes their benevolent motif of animal dignity and humane existence for one and all."

— Bly Brown, MEd, Retired Children’s Librarian, Virginia

"Gata’s mother proclaims that 'the love of the cat is in my blood' and predicts, over Gata’s objection, that it's in hers as well.  Readers will fall in love with the quirky and endearing human and animal characters so vividly portrayed in these pages. The authors—obvious ailurophiles—show a remarkable empathy for the inner lives of indoor and outside cats (who knew cats meditated?) and share their love and understanding in a way that will touch both children and adults."

— Mary Hutchings Reed, Author of Kind Eyes: Gentle Reading for Troubled Times

"I love the Gata Unbound books. I don’t want to give the story away, but let’s just say my new favorite dessert is a version of baklava called ‘Catlava.’ The illustrations are beautiful, the dialogue between the cats is hysterical, and the characters are fun. But the best part is that this story shows that following one’s dreams and rescuing cats is the way to go in life."

— Anne E. Beall, Author of Community Cats: A Journal Into the World of Feral Cats and Heroic & Helpful & Caring Cats: Felines Who Make a Difference

"The lively presentation of Lucy Noland’s and S.J. Russell’s Gata’s Date with Destiny and Santo & Rini Vow to Save ’em All makes the stories reverberate with a joyful innocence, and any cat lover (or ailurophile) will be inclined to dote on every page, while the humorous illustrations by Katly Lacy add to the whimsicality of the text. Part of the quaintness of the tales (tails?) comes from a joyous blend of Old World culture and setting and New World familiarity with IT (including the cats having their own mobile devices). The work is so delightful that it most definitely will appeal to all ages."

— Lois Henderson, Readers' Favorite 5 Star Review

"Lucy Noland and S.J. Russell have written another ailurophile treasure. Gata’s Date with Destiny and Santo & Rini Vow to Save ‘em All includes books three and four of the cat-centric Gata series. Accompanied by beautifully colorful illustrations, this story would appeal to readers of all ages. There are some complicated words, so young readers might need assistance as they read the story, but what better way to learn some of these big words than through a charming selection of cat stories. A fun read."

— Emily-Jane Hills Orford, Readers' Favorite 5 Star Review

"Fall in love with books again, learn who Gata is, Klein, Santo & Rini, feel the ocean air and mystery of the Aegean Sea.

The sweet 'art' of reading and of day- dreaming can be lived through this well crafted storyline and the reader may be surprised to find there is an actual discipline to both.

In a world of memes and fast thoughts, enjoy complex sentence structure while entering a world that slows wayyyy down as little characters begin to dance in your mind's eye while the oranges and blues of the colorful artwork accents the storyline, and heartstrings begin to get tugged while witnessing their experiences.

There is an inherent tenderness in looking for someone, who is there, but wearing a mask and you don't recognize them, but feel them near. . ."

— Painter, Photographer, Author Houston Wells

"Gata Unbound is a series celebrating all-things-feline, especially for two-leggers of every age and purr-suasion. While these stories told by the cats themselves aim to please children, the adults in the room will also appreciate the beautiful evocative illustrations and poignant tales. . .er, tails? Through the eyes of community cats and more pampered felines, readers enjoy the stories while learning about rescue, TNR, cat adoption, spay/neuter, and the physical and emotional health of our cats--and how they improve our own lives. These books are treasures to be cherished, gifted, read, and re-read with a child beside you and a cat or three on your lap. Highly recommended!"

— Amy Shojai, CABC, Award-Winning Author and a Founder of the Cat Writers' Association.

"Gata's Date with Destiny is such a richly illustrated and poetically written tale of humans and cats making their way in this world. The story telling and attention to detail pulls you in snuggly making putting the book down nearly impossible. If you're an animal lover or like Gata, soon to have your own date with destiny, this series and volume is for you! How can you go wrong with felines, daffodils, Mexican wrestling, and baklava? A recipe for the imagination and heart."

— Tawny Hammond, National Director of Learning Advancement, Best Friends Animal Society

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