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Lucy Noland, Co-Founder

“Listen, we’ve got an emergency on our hands. We’ve got to swing by the animal shelter and pick-up a kitty who’s dying. I’ve got a veterinarian on standby to save her and we’ll still get back to the station on time— promise!” 

Lucy Noland’s world as a broadcast journalist has been lived by deadlines. On this particular day, she had just wrapped a shoot in the field and was racing to get back to the station when a call about a cat in need grabbed her heart. Though she had a newscast to edit then anchor, she had just enough time to beat that other deadline: the kitty’s—and that one was literal. 

It all worked out. Kitty saved. Newscast made. Another day in the life of the journalist and animal advocate. Lucy has hopscotched across America in her career from Fairbanks, Alaska through the Bay Area, Detroit, New York City, Houston, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. She’s partial to the Vietnamese zodiac, the only Asian zodiac that has the Year of the Cat. After all, she was born in Saigon, Vietnam and happens to be mom to three humans and four cats (and a revolving door of feline fosters). 

Her biggest reward has always been helping those in need. Lucy’s not so much into awards. But along the way, shows she’s written, shows she’s anchored, breaking news she’s covered have picked up various awards: Emmys, Golden Mics, and Edward R. Murrow and AP Broadcasters. Her advocacy has rounded-up a number of honors as well including the Humane Society of the United States Pennsylvania Media Hero Award, Finding Shelter Animal Rescue’s Lifetime Achievement Award and ACCT Philly’s Media Partner Award.