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Kaity Lacy is a renowned and sought-after artist in Philadelphia and beyond. Kaity is also an educator. She teaches children the joys of art. At first blush, she may come across as a mild-mannered educator who happens to hold a paint brush, but delve a wee bit deeper and you’ll find a fearless animal advocate who is all about making a positive change in the animal welfare world. Kaity donates many of her colorful and expressive animal paintings to animal rescue organizations, thus helping these always cash-strapped nonprofits raise funds for their many medical cases.  Kaity has served as a humane educator across Pennsylvania and Delaware, as well as a certified art educator for elementary, middle and high school students. You’ll often find Kaity’s brushstrokes of genius at art shows, gallery walks and community art events. Throughout the years, Kaity has fostered a host of shelter cats and dogs and favors taking on those with serious medical conditions. When she’s not painting, drawing or actively saving animals at risk, you’ll find Kaity Lacy mentoring students in art education and giving guidance to those looking to make a positive difference in their communities through art and creative endeavors.

As you might imagine, Kaity has quite the collection of inspirational, heartwarming art including commissions of the furry members of families. Feeling like taking a walk through Kaity’s gallery? Let’s go:

Shelter Art