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Meet Diamonds in the Ruff

by Lucy Noland

It’s called Diamonds in the Ruff for a reason. Launched in 2014, by Erica Brown, this fearless animal rescue has scooped-up the pups that so many others had given up on—almost 600 dogs from the “death row” of animal shelters.

Erica, Heather Fischer, Jess Pupo and their team of volunteers, fosters and amazing veterinary partners take on cases like Lucian’s. Someone had abandoned him in a basement. He was starving and terrified then ended up at the shelter. Others like, Gabriella had survived terrible neglect and abuse. When the team found her, she was less than half her ideal weight, covered with sores, tail split so badly, you could see her vertebrae. She even had a cancerous mammary tumor. “Without us, they would have died alone and in pain. Saving them from this sad reality is only the beginning. Our mission is to rescue the neediest dogs and we ‘love’ them back to health,” explains Erica.  

Erica’s passion came from her big brother, Scott Brown, who passed away in 2009. Scott was a certified dog trainer and an avid rescuer. His spirit lives on in Diamonds in the Ruff’s mission today. And they’re not just changing these pup’s lives. They’re changing the lives of the amazing humans who adopt them.


Take a blind dog named Stevie, abandoned at a shelter. His adopter, Josh, feels just as lucky and loved as Stevie undoubtedly does, “Not only did Diamonds in the Ruff save Stevie’s life, but you saved my life as well.” Ain’t that the truth?! Diamonds in the Ruff literally saves lives. 

As you might imagine, their adoption fees don’t begin to cover all the medical costs (not too mention food and all the other daily necessities). This is where you can help. As Erica says, “This work and your generosity are what inspire us, drive us, and make us believe that our rescue is an unstoppable force for good.”