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To Snail or Not to Snail

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To Snail or not To Snail by S.J. Russell, illustrated by Kaity Lacy

To Snail or Not to Snail captures the magical moment a snail and a bee say “hello” and ponder how different things would be if they couldn't do the wonderful things they do. Bee, with her ultraviolet vision, and Snail, with his strong-as-superglue slime, show that everyone, no matter how small, has something precious to contribute to this world by simply being themselves.

From the Foreword by Lucy Noland, Multiple Emmy Award-Winning Journalist

"To Snail or Not to Snail is a deceptively simple, deliciously satisfying, heartwarming snack of a poem about Snail and Bee, penned by earth-loving wordsmith S.J. Russell, and breathed into life through artist Kaity Lacy’s brilliant pen and brush strokes." 

Praise for To Snail or Not to Snail

“A lovely, enlightening tale about how unique roles make ecosystems—and communities—work.”


"How miraculous and precious the tiniest beings in life are—so unique in their capabilities—not to mention the integral and unifying purpose they have. Happy to see this awareness beautifully executed in this lovely book. Whether we realize it or not, nurturing the wonder in nature and art is our hope."

— Parker Posey, Award-Winning Actress

"I love this book. I love the words, the message, the illustrations, the delightful facts about bees and snails. I did not know that bees had to fly 55,000 miles to produce one pound of honey, or that snails are also pollinators! I love that anyone reading To Snail Or Not To Snail will come away feeling that much better about setting on their own path—whether that's flying from flower to flower, slugging across the ground, or doing something else entirely. It is good to snail, if you are a snail, and good to bee, if you are a bee. And if you are not either of those creatures, it is good to be you."

— Arin Greenwood, Novelist, Animal Writer

"This is the dearest book on several levels: from the social implications of meeting, sharing and trusting a new friend who is “not like me” to the environmental component that shows Bee and Snail are grand stewards of the Earth. To Snail or Not to Snail is fun, gentle, engaging and endearing."

— Bly Brown, MEd, Retired Children’s Librarian

"S.J. Russell's beautiful words and Kaity Lacy's gorgeous illustrations join forces to emphasize the joy and importance of living our true lives. It is a celebration of self-love, while also an appreciation for all creatures' talents and purpose. To read or not to read? Read. And then read again and again." 

— Ellen Labrecque, New York Times Bestselling Children’s Book Author

“A lovely book that reminds us that we’re all interconnected. I particularly like the dialogue between Slow Snail, who asked Busy Bee ‘What’s your hurry?’ It’s a wonderful question we should all contemplate at times. The illustrations and underlying message are beautiful.”

— Anne E. Beall, PhD

"To Snail or Not To Snail is one of the most beautiful children’s books to come out in a long time—the words, the illustrations and, above all, the message. We can be different in so many ways, and yet still not only coexist, but together create something unique and special in this world. This book may be geared for  children, but for this adult, it is the perfect counterpoint to the many divisive and cruel messages currently being broadcast throughout our society."

— Sande Riesett, Cofounder, Show Your Soft Side, Anti-Animal Cruelty Campaign

8.5 x 8.5 | Hardcover | Smyth-sewn | 40 pages

Printed on tree-free bamboo paper stock with soy-based eco-friendly inks. Cover and spine are 100% recycled Eska®board.  

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