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Signed Gata Unbound: Klein's Weird Evening & Archimedes' Ear

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Gata Unbound: A Series for Ailurophiles of All Ages

Books 1 & 2: Klein's Weird Evening & Archimedes' Ear

By Lucy Noland & S.J. Russell

Illustrated by Kaity Lacy

About Klein's Weird Evening & Archimedes' Ear

Quirky. Funny. Beautifully illustrated. And filled with, what else, cats!

Through the experiences of a rare, male calico cat, an old inventor, a psycatherapist and cathropologist, a baker of Greek descent, a mysterious celebrity cat-trapper and a whole host of fascinating characters, this humorous one-of-a-kind book series engages readers of all ages in the wild world of cats and the life-saving innovation known globally as “trap-neuter-return” for community cats.

The first volume contains two scene-setter books Klein’s Weird Evening and Archimedes Ear for two of the main characters, Klein, a calico cat who doesn’t realize that he’s been trapped, neutered, ear-tipped and returned to his home in the Territory, and his best friend, Archimedes, an old Renaissance cat whose many inventions have earned him a decent living, and who helps his young friend Klein get through that first mind boggling day—and the many days to follow.

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In Gata Unbound, Susan Russell, Lucy Noland and Kaity Lacy have created an enchanting landscape, filled with charming, off-kilter characters and adventures worthy of a Wes Anderson film about felines!
— Jamie Cat Callan, Bestselling Author


From its clever and sophisticated premise to its poignant illustrations, Gata Unbound avoids the sentimentalism that often plagues humane education books and promises to succeed where others have failed. Crafted by a dream team of professionals, this series empowers children to become animal advocates by explaining how we can best improve the lives of animals who live among us. At a time when we need it most, these books inspire hope and send a clarion call to children and adults alike: Free roaming cats deserve our protection and TNR is the most effective and humane method to manage their populations and improve their lives.
Caroline Griffin, Co-Founder, Show Your Soft Side

8.75 x 8.75 | Hardcover | Smyth-sewn | 88 pages

Printed on tree-free bamboo paper stock with soy-based eco-friendly inks. Cover and spine are 100% recycled Eska®board.

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Type: Children's Book