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Gata Unbound: Gata's Date with Destiny and Santo & Rini Vow to Save 'em All

Archimedes' Printing Shoppe & Sundry Goodes

Gata Unbound: A Series for Ailurophiles of All Ages

Books 3 & 4: Gata's Date with Destiny & Santo and Rini Vow to Save 'em All

By Lucy Noland & S.J. Russell

Illustrated by Kaity Lacy

About Gata's Date with Destiny & Santo and Rini Vow to Save 'em All

If you loved Gata Unbound Volume One, you’re going to love Volume Two! Now available for preorder and arriving just in time for the holidays!

This second in Archimedes’ Printing Shoppe & Sundry Goodes’ cat-centric Gata series includes books three and four: Gata’s Date with Destiny and Santo & Rini Vow to Save ‘em All. You’ll meet the eponymous Gata whose obsession with Greek baking pales in comparison to an obsession she never knew she had! Though her mother from Santorini knew it was always in Gata’s blood. Who could have imagined a creative baklava breakthrough would bring Gata closer to her destiny?

Rare male calico cat Klein returns after his weird evening, grappling with his new earless normal. But the discovery of a seemingly endless supply of his favorite lucha libre videos (Mexico’s professional freestyle wrestling) has helped him return to his better self. He watches from his outside window perch with Santo and Rini, two misguided but well-meaning house cats with a bumpy past of their own. Little does Klein know that the “confined” cats, whom he pities, are plotting to “help” him and the other community cats in The Territory find an indoor home—whether they want one or not!

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The lively presentation of Lucy Noland’s and S.J. Russell’s Gata’s Date with Destiny and Santo & Rini Vow to Save ’em All makes the stories reverberate with a joyful innocence, and any cat lover (or ailurophile) will be inclined to dote on every page, while the humorous illustrations by Katly Lacy add to the whimsicality of the text. Part of the quaintness of the tales (tails?) comes from a joyous blend of Old World culture and setting and New World familiarity with IT (including the cats having their own mobile devices). The work is so delightful that it most definitely will appeal to all ages.
—Lois Henderson, Readers' Favorite 5 Star Review

Readers will fall in love with the quirky and endearing human and animal characters so vividly portrayed in these pages. The authors—obvious ailurophiles—show a remarkable empathy for the inner lives of indoor and outside cats (who knew cats meditated?) and share their love and understanding in a way that will touch both children and adults.
Mary Hutchings Reed, Author of Kind Eyes: Gentle Reading for Troubled Times

8.75 x 8.75 | Hardcover | Smyth-sewn | 120 pages

Printed on tree-free bamboo paper stock with soy-based eco-friendly inks. Cover and spine are 100% recycled Eska®board.  

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