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For the Love of Assholes

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For the Love of Assholes

By S.J. Russell & Erica Brown

Illustrations by Maggie McMahon

The New Jersey crew of assholes has returned. But their ranks have swelled. Since there’s never a shortage of assholes, this should come as no surprise.

The series continues with the mostly true story of a pig, a rooster, a dog, and now a chicken and something wiggly.

Bad puns. Lots of bad dialogue. A bunch of lovable jerks. What do you want? It’s a book about assholes!

How we see it: whether folks have ever known an asshole, maybe they are assholes or maybe they don’t know they’re assholes, this engaging book written by S.J. Russell and Erica Brown and illustrated by Maggie McMahon has a little something for everyone.


"A warm but wicked can’t-we-all-just-get-along ode to the jerks in your life, will delight fans of Go the F**k to Sleep and P Is for Pterodcatyl." — NYT number one bestselling author, A.J. Finn

"In my long political career, I've known many assholes, some of whom I've even voted for, but the assholes described in this book are by far the most lovable. A must read!" — Former Governor of Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell

8.5 x 8.5 | Hardcover | Smyth-sewn | 60 pages

Printed on tree-free bamboo paper stock with soy-based eco-friendly inks. Cover and spine are 100% recycled Eska®board.