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Wrestles With Wolves

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Wrestles With Wolves: Saving the World One Species at a Time, A Memoir by Bill Konstant

A wildlife conservationist who describes his life as “Mowgli meets Forrest Gump” takes us on the wild ride that is his legendary career. Wrestles With Wolves is an adventurous trek to the frontlines of animal conservation that is at once touching, inspiring and funny.


Praise for Wrestles With Wolves

“Bill Konstant , an animal behaviorist and wildlife conservationist, is also a gifted storyteller and writer with a great sense of humor. You will enjoy his adventures, as I did, and you will meet many enchanting animals as well as kindred spirits who are dedicated to saving animals and the natural world.    A perfect gift for anyone interested in wildlife.”

—Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE, Founder - the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace


“Bill Konstant is a beloved wildlife conservation legend, who has done the kind of things even the most adventurous animal lovers only dream of; such as breaking chimpanzees out of prison, and risking death by firing squad to get up close and personal with a camel. Wrestles with Wolves: Lessons from the Animal Kingdom, is a thrilling, deeply moving and often hilarious collection of true stories from the frontline of wildlife conservation that will reconnect readers with the wild, and make you fall in love with nature again and again.”

—Bradley Trevor Greive AM, New York Times bestselling author & Animal Planet host


“I have known Bill Konstant for many years through his involvement with the MBZ Fund, and have always delighted in his eclectic conservation stories of his experiences from around the world. The characters (both human and animal) whom Bill has engaged with through the many years of his professional career are varied and wonderful, and highlight the privilege it is to be working in this field. I am delighted that Bill has brought his passion and enthusiastic outlook on conservation to the fore in this collection. An uplifting tonic in a sometimes sobering discipline.”

—Razan Al Mubarak, Managing Director, Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund & President, International Union for Conservation of Nature


“Although our paths haven’t crossed for a while, Bill and I have shared some amazing adventures, as well as common goals.  His memoir vividly resurrects those heady times when ‘modern’ conservation was gathering speed. Bill has an inimitable way of telling stories, weaving his deep passion for the animal kingdom with a wry sense of humour and a keen sense of character of both humans and animals.  Above all, he is a positive thinker, something that is vital to working in conservation these days.  Everyone involved in the conservation movement and those aspiring to should read this book – it will invigorate you!”

—Lee Durrell, Honorary Director, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust


"Konstant's such a great story teller. He had me leaning in with suspense while laughing out loud.  His likeable personality really comes across and makes you feel like you spent a fun night around a campfire."

—Frank Coraci, Film director and screenwriter (The Wedding Singer, Waterboy, Zookeeper)

“I have known Bill Konstant for more than 50 years and have been waiting for this book about his adventures - and misadventures - for at least half that time.   It was worth the wait!  Few people can claim such intimate encounters with wild animals.   The lessons learned are profound and humorous but most importantly, they will inspire you to care more about the natural wonders of our planet.

—Rick Barongi, Founder, Longneck Manor


“Bill is a rare combination in the field of wildlife conservation.  Like many biologists, he is highly educated and experienced, but he is also a scrapper and a doer with an irrepressible sense of humor.  In Wrestles with Wolves, Bill’s wit and youthful enthusiasm shine through, teaching us all that a positive frame of mind is essential to preserving the natural world we’ve inherited.”    

—Thane Maynard, Director, Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden


“Bill has been a catalyst for species conservation throughout his career. His truly selfless, nature-positive viewpoint on how to achieve conservation action through collaboration inspires those around him. Wrestles with Wolves shines a light on his pathway, highlighting and supporting the important work of all of the front-line conservationists who protect wildlife. Conserving nature to address the interconnected crises of biodiversity, climate, and human wellbeing is the most important issue of our time, and Bill shows that we can approach these challenges in a fun and impactful way."

—Wes Sechrest, Ph. D., CEO and Chief Scientist, Re:wild

“Bill Konstant has lived an amazing life and has now written an amazing book. He has immersed himself in a world of strange creatures, from rhinos to tapirs to primatologists. Highly recommended!”

—Mark Plotkin, Cofounder and President, Amazon Conservation Team - US


6 x 9 | Softcover | Perfect-sewn | 328 pages


Printed on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified stock with soy-based eco-friendly inks in support of Trees for the Future.  

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