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A Wabi-Sabi World

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A Wabi-Sabi World by Ellen Labrecque, illustrated by Christiane Moore

A Wabi-Sabi World journeys through a wondrous slice of heaven—an animal sanctuary—where perfection is joyously discovered in imperfection.

From the Foreword by Roberto Teti, DVM, Chenoa Manor Steward

"We are all of the same thread of life, whether we walk on four legs or two. Whether we are covered in fur, scales or feathers. Perfection lies in our imperfections. We are trees with peeled bark, flowers with wilted leaves, goats with crumpled horns, horses with limping legs, smiles with crooked teeth. Each of us adds our own beauty to the world. We shine brightly after each sunrise, before each sunset and in the glow of a star-filled night."

PRAISE for A Wabi-Sabi World

A Wabi-Sabi World is my personal sanctuary. It is my go-to place after a stressful, trying day, and I find myself turning to this beautiful, remarkably special book several times a week. It simply fills my heart. With its gentle yet powerful message, this book is at the top of my gift-giving list for all those dear to me no matter their age.”
— Elissa B. Katz, Esquire, President, Humane PA PAC

“With gentle illustrations, nurturing prose, and a real-life look at the animals in the sanctuary, A Wabi-Sabi World is a gift of kindness and strength with every read and re-read.”
— Dr. Dana Sheridan, Library Educator and Literacy Blogger

8.75 x 11.25 | Hardcover | Smyth-sewn | 40 pages

Printed on tree-free bamboo paper stock with soy-based eco-friendly inks. Cover and spine are 100% recycled Eska®board.  

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Type: Children's Book